★ it costs too much to love ★ (unactivist) wrote in kryberaday,
★ it costs too much to love ★

Hello. :)

You've probably noticed that I haven't gotten around to posting for a few days now and the reason for that is College, my friends. It's my first year and a lot of shit is going down, so I won't ever really have time to post anymore. Hence, I am looking for someone who would like to take over for me forever, or however long you want to. I won't be coming back to post after this. :)

If you're interested, comment below with:

± username/name
± communities you've maintained or helped moderate
± how soon you can take over

(Masaya, if you want to take over, you totally can. I just didn't want to make it out like you HAD to take over. I know you're busy too. ♥)
Tags: !mod
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